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Server and virtualization management

Explore server and virtualization management resources here, including advice on buying servers and tips on performance tuning. Learn best practices for managing Linux-based, Unix-based and Windows-based servers. Discover the space and power-saving benefits of blade servers. Learn about optimal server implementation and management techniques through case studies for data center managers. Find news and information about trends on server virtualization and upcoming green server and cloud computing technologies. More about Server and virtualization management

Storage and data management

Get the latest on storage and data management technology in this section. Find resources for evaluating enterprise storage technologies like SAN and NAS, or discover new strategies for storage virtualization. Learn best practices for planning, sizing, selecting and managing enterprise storage. Get storage capacity planning and buying guide. Find latest news and information about trends on data backup and disaster recovery. Find case studies of companies who have successfully implemented enterprise storage systems to manage exponentially growing data. More about Storage and data management

Data center infrastructure and design

Leverage your data center infrastructure to the most with these resources. Learn how to design and set up a data center server room. Get updates on the latest data center power uptime technologies to ensure 24x7 uninterrupted power supply. Explore innovative approaches to data center cooling adopted by Indian organizations through case studies and expert advice. Find white papers and tips on the best practices on green data center technologies. Seek advice on the latest data center network standards and building physical security. More about Data center infrastructure and design

Data center operations and asset management

Explore comprehensive data center operations and asset management resources here. Implement effective IT governance processes in the data center. Learn about data center systems and application management best practices. Assess the relevance of cloud computing for your organization. Boost your career growth with data center jobs and training trends. More about Data center operations and asset management