Server virtualization resources for India Inc
  • Server virtualization design

    With the right planning and design, server virtualization deployments can be a breeze. This section will arm you with insights and nifty tips to ensure seamless server virtualization deployments — right from making the business case for server virtualization and planning a rollout, all the way to evaluation of solutions and design of virtual server infrastructure.

  • Server virtualization trends in India

    Discover the adoption trends of server virtualization in India using this part of our guide. It features comprehensive analysis of server virtualization trends, virtual server adoption statistics, and other priorities on the virtual server front.

  • Virtual server management, backup and DR

    An unharnessed server virtualization environment can be deadly for your data center's health levels. Ensure that you run your virtual servers in a state of peak tune with these power packed tweaks for management and optimization of your server virtualization setup. This section also features backup and DR tips that will go a long way in protection of your server virtualization setup.

  • What is server virtualization?

    Here you will learn the fundamental principles of server virtualization to help you join dots that make up the virtual server puzzle. This section will help you discover popular server virtualization approaches, and the various ways in which virtual servers can enrich your organization's IT infrastructure.

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