Green IT in India Inc.
  • Green IT trends in India

    India is among the leading adopters of green IT initiatives like power saving, cooling efficiency, and server virtualization. Explore the latest green IT trends among Indian businesses through this chapter of our green IT guide.

  • Handy green IT design and management tips

    Learn how to design and manage green IT initiatives in your organization in this section. Topics such as power saving, way to boost cooling efficiency, and selecting the right green data center technology have been comprehensively dealt with.

  • The Indian data center and green IT

    The Indian corporate achieves far more on the green data center and green IT space than many of its Western counterparts. This gallery features Indian green IT and green data center success stories that you can learn from.

  • Green IT

    This section of the green IT guide details the basic aspects that go into the design, implementation and management of a green data center. It will help you put into perspective the role of various technologies such as power saving, cooling efficiency, and server virtualization from a green IT standpoint.

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