Enterprise cloud computing resources for India Inc
  • Trends

    Despite rave reviews, it is important to consider the pros and cons of enterprise cloud computing before you decide to zero in on it. The latest trends here would help you determine your needs.

  • Cloud evaluation

    Shopping for the perfect enterprise cloud computing solution is not an easy task and requires utmost scrutiny. This part helps you undertake a step-by-step detailed evaluation of various issues like licensing, legal matters, and other unconventional ways through which it can be utilized.

  • Enterprise cloud computing pricing

    India is emerging as a potential hub for enterprise cloud computing vendors and everyone has some delectable offering. We provide you with a list of the major vendors who have ventured into the Indian market as well as the prices offered by them.

  • Success stories

    This part of the guide talks about the early exponents of enterprise cloud computing and their experiments with it. Learn from their experiences and figure out how to leverage enterprise cloud computing for your benefit.