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Anuj Sharma, Contributor Published: 03 Dec 2012

It’s common knowledge that data volumes are increasing exponentially these days across all forms of computing. The high-performance computing (HPC) systems arena is no exception. While HPC systems have enough com­pute power to analyze the data, in this case it is storage systems that often prove to be a bottleneck. Storage systems may not be able to deliver the data to com­pute resources fast enough or in parallel.   To address this issue, one solution is the Multi Path File System (MPFS), a multi-path network file system technology developed by EMC. This technology has been designed specifically for the requirements of HPC systems, wherein computer nodes require concurrent access to data sets at faster rates. Here are some best practices while implementing MPFS to ensure better read/write performance:   MPFS can be deployed either by using the iSCSI SAN option or FC SAN option. The iSCSI option should be used when concurrent access of data is required and iSCSI data transfer rates satisfy the requirements of HPC systems. FC SAN should be used where a high ... Access >>>

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