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  • CWEurope

    The monthly CW Europe e-zine focuses on multiple themes relevant to the European market. CW Europe discusses key management issues for IT pros – from building a new data centre, considering cloud computing, to developing a more secure infrastructure.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Modern Infrastructure covers the convergence of technologies -- from cloud computing to virtualization to mobile devices -- and the impact on data centers.


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  • Backup software: Snapshot management, archiving and DR

    Backup software is evolving in a number of different ways. In the past, it only had to do one thing -- make a copy of data that can be restored in the event of a storage or server failure. And while that is still its primary function, today's backup software platforms can do much more. For example, many organizations cannot tolerate long periods of downtime while data is being restored. To deal with that issue, backup software vendors are adding features that are aimed at reducing recovery time and point objectives.

    In this e-book, we first look at two of these technologies -- snapshot and recovery-in-place. Backup and archive have traditionally been considered separate disciplines, but today that is changing. Many backup software products have added archiving functionality such as search and indexing, which allows users to create archives using their backup software instead of purchasing and managing a separate product. Next, we study archiving; how it is converging with backup, and how it helps ease backup issues. To conclude the series, we look at another area of backup convergence: disaster recovery (DR). Backup has always been a part of DR, but today, backup software products are offering specific functionality such as replication and cloud storage connectivity that can make DR easier to manage.

  • Does big data analytics deliver value?

    Now that more companies have big data analytics programs, new trends -- and new challenges -- are emerging. Many programs have moved out of experimentation into real production, offering a timely opportunity to learn how companies are tapping into their most massive data sources. New research examines where and how big data analytics programs have been successfully deployed, as well as plans for the future.

    In this report, discover which business departments and processes are most commonly driving big data projects, and the data types these programs are prioritizing. Learn which technologies are now considered part of big data analytics programs. It’s not all about open source tools such as Hadoop. And find out how big data analytics capabilities are delivered across organizations and the greatest challenges these programs face.


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